2021 Tree Sale

It's time for the popular Shorewood Tree Sale.
Many trees are sold out. We may be able to get additional trees. If your favorite tree is sold out, email the city to be put on a waiting list.
Because the city is very concerned about the Emerald Ash Borer's effect on our city forestry, residents are encouraged to begin planting a variety of trees in their landscape. Removal of smaller ash trees to allow space for other varieties is recommended by many tree experts. Sadly, it is not if we get EAB, but when, and surrounding cities are already facing an infestation.

All trees are ordered wholesale so residents are able to add to the Shorewood forestry with large trees at wholesale prices. Due to the wholesale purchase, trees are not under warranty, so care should be taken to select trees suitable for your yard. The city will provide care instructions and email tips and reminders throughout the growing season to assist homeowners.

The trees will not be delivered until September 14 in 2021 due to tree supply shortages. Pick-up of trees will be scheduled with purchasers at Shorewood Public Works on County Road 19.

  • Two cherry or pear are recommended for best pollination.
  • The #10 trees are generally 5-8 feet tall depending on the tree type. 
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If your tree request is sold out, email the city to be added to a waiting list.

2021 Trees

Silver Maple #10 size $75 SOLD OUT
Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry #10 size $80   SOLD OUT
Blue Beech #10 size $90 SOLD OUT
Dogwood #7 size $50 SOLD OUT
Honeylocust #10 size $90 SOLD OUT
Royal Raindrops Crab #10 size $85
Canada Red Select Cherry #10 size $80SOLD OUT
Swamp White Oak #10 size $100 SOLD OUT
Techny Arborvitae #10 size $65
Parker Pear #5 size $40 SOLD OUT
Summercrisp Pear #5 size $40SOLD OUT
Evans Bali Cherry  #5 size $40SOLD OUT
North Star Cherry #5 size $40SOLD OUT