Shorewood COVID updates

  • City hall will close to the public, Monday, November 23 through at least Friday, December 18 as recommended by the governor's office. City staff will still be working. Please call the city at 952.960.7900 for assistance, or use the staff directory to reach a specific staff member. 
  • Permits may be applied for online. Permit fees under $400 may be paid online using a credit or debit card for no additional fee. Permits $400 and over can be paid for online using a checking/savings account routing and account number, or using a check. For assistance please contact the city, 952.960.7900.
  • City parks and playgrounds are open. Playground equipment and picnic tables are not sanitized, so use accordingly. Portable toilets are in the parks but are not maintained or sanitized by the city.  Other park restrooms are closed.
  • Shorewood Community and Event Center will be closed to the public from November 21 to December 20 in accordance with orders from the governor's office. Please contact the center director, 952.960.7902, with questions or to inquire about future programs and rentals.
  • Arctic Fever plans are still underway for Freeman Park on January 16. The Friday night pizza party is canceled. It is hoped that dog sled rides, llamas, sled rides, and other outdoor activities will continue, although a free ticketing system will likely be utilized to control crowds.