Trash Hauling

Shorewood does not offer trash collection. A list of licensed trash haulers is below for you to contract your own service. Refuse haulers in Shorewood are required to offer trashrate reductions for residents choosing to use a smaller garbage container. If your trash container is consistently not full, contact your hauler to see if you what lower rate is offered with a smaller container. The four licensed haulers are the only haulers that can be used for residential hauling in Shorewood.

Residential haulers:
Blackowiak Disposal    952-472-3398
Randy's Environmental Services *    763-972-3335
Republic Services    952-941-5174
Waste Management    800-450-9378

* Randy's is the hauler that offers organics collection in Shorewood.

Solid Waste Collection Phone Survey Begins

At the February 25 meeting, the City Council approved a survey about trash hauling.  With a few minor revisions, the 33-question survey was approved for Morris Leatherman to begin calling approximately 400 Shorewood residents complete the survey.  The calling is scheduled to start on March 4.   For those with caller ID, the ID will say “MorrisLeatherman.”

Due to the scientific nature of the survey, if you are called, your participation is strongly encouraged.  If the call is not at a good time, they are willing to schedule a more convenient time to complete the survey.  If they do not reach you, they will leave a message and call back at a later time.  Your participation is important, so please answer their call if possible.

Once completed, the survey results will be available on the city website and will be presented at a City Council work session. If you have questions, or do not get a call but would like your comments heard, please call the city at 952.960.7900, or email 

City Investigates Solid Waste Collection System

The City has entered into a process with the present haulers to examine the solid waste collection system and potential options. Information that the city generates during this process will be posted here. In addition, if the issue is ever going to be discussed at a city council meeting or work session, it will appear on the meeting agendas as posted on this website and at city hall.

A citywide phone survey is planned for February 2019. Watch for more information.

2/25/17  Agenda memo (pages 65-89)
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