Jumping Worms

Jumping worms are invading the state and they are not welcome. But you can help stop the spread by taking precautions when trading plants and reporting when you suspect you find them in your yard.

Reporting worms
If you think you have found jumping worms, take high-resolution photos showing the ring around the worm’s body in relation to its head and report jumping earthworms using www.eddmaps.org or contact the DNR Information Center at 888-646-6367 or info.dnr@state.mn.us.

Steps to prevent the spread
  • Don’t buy worms advertised as jumping worms, “snake worms,” “Alabama jumpers” or “crazy worms” for any purpose.
  • Anglers should dispose of any unwanted bait worms in the trash.
  • Gardeners should inspect incoming mulch or plants for jumping worms and if swapping plants with friends, wash off the soil and share the plants as bare-root plants.
  • Recreationists should brush the mud off their boots and equipment.