City Code

City Code of Shorewood Minnesota
The Shorewood City Code of Ordinances is hosted by American Legal Publishing. The complete and current City Code is also available at city hall.

Shorewood Code of Ordinances 

This City Code of the City of Shorewood contains all ordinances up to and including Ordinance No. 571 passed on January 27, 2020. Ordinances of the city adopted after this date are available through the link below. Please contact the city at 952.960.7900 with any questions.

Ordinances Waiting to be Codified: City of Shorewood Council approved ordinances are codified annually in July.  The Ordinances here have been adopted and are effective, although they will not be updated in this version of the City Code until they have been Codified.

Ordinances adopted during 2020

Master fee schedule: Miscellaneous and license fees are updated by resolution and approved by the city council each year.  Land use and zoning fees are included in this schedule, but require an ordinance for city council approval.

Ten-day notice required for proposed ordinances
By law (Chapter 77), cities must provide a ten-day notice of most proposed ordinances.  Current proposals and the notification information are available online.

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If you have problems with accessing this information, please send us an e-mail or contact city hall at 952.960.7900 during regular business hours.