Active applications

    Active Development Applications
    Location Type of Application   Tentative Review Schedule*
 Planning Commission  City Council
 5825 Country Club Road  Home occupation permit renewal  05/05/2020  05/25/2020
 20940 Ivy Lane  Variance for garage expansion  07/07/2020  07/27/2020
5815 Howard's Point Road  Variance to front setback  05/05/2020  05/25/2020
*Subject to change

     Other Projects
  Project   Location   Phase   Tentative Review Schedule*
Planning Commission  City Council
 Fire Lane Study  10 sites  Surveying property locations
 letter 4/7/20
 Tours of fire lanes in June 
 Comprehensive Plan Update  citywide  Consultants incorporating   comments from Met Council  TBD  TBD
 Zoning and subdivision  regulations updates  citywide  discussion stage  06/02/2020   (discussion)  not set
Mill Street trail  Mill   Street  feasibility study complete
 design phase yet to begin
 not set not set
*Subject to change

Contact planning staff at 952.960.7900 or by email for more information.