Planning, Zoning and Inspection Services

Fixed price permit fees for roofing, windows and siding increased as of January 2, 2021. The permit fee including state surcharge is $126.

Due to COVID-19 procedures, an email address and phone number must be included with any permit application made to the city.  The city will be relying on email as the primary means of contact throughout this health emergency. If you do not have an email address, please call city hall at 952.960.7900 before sending an application.

Planning and building permit procedures

This is a building permit and has a fixed fee of $126 ($125 permit fee; $1 state surcharge; this increased January 2, 2021). Although the same permit application may be used for the entire project, payment is due for each category (one for roof; one for replacement windows; one for siding). For the quickest service, please pay for this permit online using a credit card or checking/savings routing number and account number. There is no additional fee for this service. You can also mail or drop a check off at city hall.
  1. Confirm the property is a Shorewood address on the Hennepin County website.
  2. Pay the $126 permit fee online. (Select QUICK PAY; Do not register an account)
  3. Complete the building permit application, including the confirmation number from the payment and the estimated value of the project.
  4. Email the completed form to Put the property address as the subject line.
Other building permits

Submit the application to Large sets of plans may be dropped off in person at city hall (5755 Country Club Road). Sets with pages 11X17 or smaller can be emailed with the application. The building official will contact you with the amount due and payment instructions. 

  • Permits are required for most building, plumbing and mechanical projects in homes and businesses. Permit applications are accepted by email to
  • Payment should be made online prior to email submission for permits valued at $1000 or less; there is not an additional fee for credit card payments. Discover, MasterCard and Visa are accepted; debit cards may also be used.
  • Payment for permits over $1000 can be made online using a checking/savings account routing number and account number. Permits over $1000 that use a credit card will be canceled and the permit will not be processed.
Zoning Permits

Has your contractor ever told you that you don’t need a permit for items like patios, fences or fire pits?  Have they ever told you that property line setbacks don’t apply to those items because they are landscaping improvements?  Be wary because Shorewood does require permits for those, and other, improvements and certain setbacks do apply.  Who is responsible if the contractor puts in the improvements and they are found to be in violation of code?  The homeowner is held responsible by the city and most contractors will walk away, leaving you to hire someone else to remove and relocate the project. The homeowner will end up essentially paying for the project twice or going to court to recover the cost of the project. 

Check out our Zoning Permit Application for more information on what requires a permit!

Here are some more helpful resources for specific projects:


  • Inspections continue to be required.
  • Call city hall at 952.960.7900 to schedule an inspection. Inspections take place Monday through Thursday.
  • Photo inspections take place inside occupied homes. Once the inspection is scheduled, photos can be emailed to Include the property address in the subject line of the email.

Contact the city by email or phone, 952.960.7900 if you have questions or issues.

Planning department

The Planning Department reviews land use plans for consistency with city plans, land use regulations and state regulations that apply to development. They conduct long-range planning for the future growth of the city and administer land use control ordinances and zoning enforcement.

Marie Darling, Planning Director
Wade Woodward, Building Official
Emma Notermann, Planning Technician

The department may be reached through city hall, 952.960.7900
Contact city hall to make all inspection appointments. Inspection appointments are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Building Inspections

The Inspection Services Division is responsible for the application and enforcement of the building code and related ordinances regulating the construction, alterations, and the construction hoursuse of buildings within the city.  Read more

Zoning Code

The purpose of the Zoning Ordinance is to ensure good land management and orderly development of the city. It regulates the types of uses which can occur in each zoning district as well as the specific development standards for each zoning district, which control such details as height, size and use of buildings and lot sizes. The district boundaries are depicted on a zoning map. The City's Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances are periodically reviewed and revised, in order to implement the City's Comprehensive Plan or in response to requests for changes in zoning. Such revisions and requests are reviewed by the Planning Commission and acted on by the City Council after a public hearing.

Information regarding zoning regulations may be obtained by calling the Planning Department at 952.960.7900 or by visiting the City of Shorewood's online City Code.