Shorewood city policy

Effective July 25, 2020 

Face covering guidance
Face covering FAQs

The MN Governor’s Executive Order 20-81 (EO) requires the wearing of a face covering in all public indoor spaces and businesses, and outdoor spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained.  For purposes of employees at city hall and the Shorewood Community and Event Center (SCEC), unless exempted pursuant to the EO, employees shall wear their face coverings if they are not alone in the facility, or if they are outside their office.  Employees are not required to wear face coverings where the EO specifically does not require wearing them or when face coverings can be temporarily removed.

Public works employees shall wear face coverings when they are in the office section of the public works facility, or if they are unable to social distance in the truck bay areas when the doors are open.  When in other public works facilities such as pump houses, park buildings, water towers, etc., pursuant to the EO, if they are not alone, they are required to wear a face covering.  When an employee is traveling with one or more employees in a city-owned vehicle, or a privately-owned vehicle being used for city business, they are required to wear a face covering.

The city will provide face coverings to employees that meet the EO definition of face coverings.  If an employee wishes to provide their own face covering it must meet the requirements of the EO and be approved for use by the immediate supervisor or city administrator.

Anyone entering city hall, or the SCEC must wear a face-covering.  Face coverings will be provided by the city if visitors do not have their own face covering, or their face covering does not meet the EO requirements.  If someone comes to city hall or the SCEC without a face covering, and is offered a face covering by the city, but they state they are exempt from the face-covering requirement, the employee shall accept that answer and not require a face covering.  If someone comes to city hall or the SCEC without a face covering, and is offered a face covering by a city employee, but refuses to wear it, the employee shall not enforce the EO requirements when the employee deems it is unsafe to do so.

Attached to this policy is guidance from the governor’s office as well as Frequently Asked Questions about the EO.  Employees are encouraged to read the information, follow the guidance, or ask the city administrator for clarification if they do not understand the policy.