Proposed Ordinances and Public Notices

To keep residents informed, public notices are posted on the website, are posted on the bulletin board in the entrance of city hall, and, when required, published in the Sun Sailor and Laker newspapers. 

Residents are encouraged to sign up for email notices of upcoming public hearings or legal notices on the city's Constant Contact email system. Select "Ordinance Notification/Public Notice".  All meetings are in the council chambers at city hall unless otherwise noted.

Public Notice, Proposed Ordinance or Public Hearing   Posting date Hearing/Meeting date   More information
Ordinance 584 Amending City Code Chapter 701 (Animals) 10/14/2021 10/25/2021 Planning Department
Notice of possible quorum 10/19/2021 11/10/2021 City hall, 952.960.7900