Current and Upcoming Road Construction

2021 Mill and Overlay
The tentative roads for the 2021 mill and overlay project include:

Manor Road
Radisson Road
Old Market Road
Covington Court
Sweetwater Curve
Near Mountain Blvd
West 62nd Street
Grant Lorenz Road
Seamans Drive
Idelwild Path

Mill and overlay consist of taking up the current surface, regrinding the material and laying down a new road surface. The project does not include adding watermain to areas without city water. 

Residents on these roads should register email and cell phone information in the Constant Contact 2021 mill and overlay email list to receive construction updates.

2021 Shorewood road construction
Amlee Road (reconstruction)
Glen Road (reconstruction)
Manitou Road (reconstruction)

Other 2021 Shorewood projects
Mary Lake outlet
Mill Street trail
Shorewood Oaks
Smithtown Pond
Strawberry Lane