2020-21 Shorewood road construction
Amlee Road (reconstruction)
Enchanted and Shady islands (reconstruction) FAQs
Glen Road (reconstruction)
Manitou Road (reconstruction)
Woodside Road/Lane (reconstruction) FAQs

Other 2020 Shorewood projects
Beverly Drive/Cajed Lane drainage
Mary Lake outlet
Mill Street trail
Shorewood Oaks
Smithtown Pond
Strawberry Lane

2020 surrounding city/county construction

Hennepin County Culvert Replacements
The weather has hampered the contractor’s progress on some other HCRRA (Hennepin County Railroad Authority) culvert replacements.  Based upon the latest information, they may mobilize equipment on Monday, October 26, and start work on Tuesday, October 27, in Shorewood. This will result in a temporary closure of the LRT trail. Signs marking the closure have been placed. Their plan is to work from east to west.