Glen and Amlee roads and Manitou Lane

Project contacts
Resident project representative (first contact): Thomas Vidmar,  612.578.2291
Project manager: Philip Schrupp, 612-875-2528
City engineer: Andrew Budde, 952.960.7910

Connection to city water

Residents on Glen Road, Amlee Road, and Manitou Lane can now connect to city water.  The final watermain test was received last week.  Residents who wish to connect can contact Greg Lerud at 952.960.7905 if you have any questions or for information about the connection process.   

Final plans are below.  

Glen Road, Amlee Road, Manitou Lane street improvements 
Roadway section (an example of width and parking for discussion)
Map of impacted trees (posted 12/28/2020)

Drainage study
The results of a drainage study that were presented to Minnehaha Creek Watershed District were compiled into a complete plan. The entire plan is 300 pages, so to make it easy for residents, an executive summary of the plan is also available.
MCWD Glen, Amlee, Manitou drainage plan
MCWD Glen, Amlee, Manitou drainage plan executive summary

Archived information
For information and meetings prior to the approval of plans, a page has been set up to archive information. If you have questions or cannot find what you are looking for, please call the city at 952.960.7900.

Resources available

Linked are maps and summary tables of the 2020 tree inventory the Davey Resources Group completed for the Glen/Amlee/Manitou project.  In the maps, there are several trees that have a “0” as their number.  These are trees that Davey did complete an evaluation on, but did not put a unique tag number on the tree as it appeared to be on private property. 

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