Training materials

Election judges are a vital part of the election process. Training takes place for each election and is conducted locally by election staff at City of Shorewood. If you are hired as an election judge for the city, you are contacted by the City Clerk to schedule election judge training. 

For the 2020 primary and general elections, all training is online. Please contact Sandie Thone. 952.960.7900, if you are scheduled to be an election judge and have not received training information.

Training materials for 2020
If you attended a training session for 2020, materials can be reviewed online. Contact the city if you have any questions or concerns. 
General election judge training activity packet
Poll Book Training for Election Judges
Basic Election Judge Training

Polling Place Safety and Cleaning Guidelines
2020 health guidance for polling places
KNOWINK guidance for cleaning the IPad
Office of Secretary of State Polling place guidelines due to COVID-19
ESS Guidance for cleaning and disinfecting

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