Hennepin County homestead filing due December 15

Property owners in Hennepin County have until December 15 to complete a homestead application for 2019. Eligible applicants must have moved into their home on or before December 1, 2018. 

Hennepin County offers an online filing application, and all of the details about homestead applications are at hennepin.us/homestead.

Submitting a homestead application may qualify the property for a reduced classification rate, reduced taxable market value, property tax refund, and special program eligibility.

File a homestead application.

Some relatives may also qualify to file for homestead. 

Once homestead is granted, it is not necessary to reapply in subsequent years. In some circumstances, the Assessor's office may request verification.  

If a property owner sells, moves, or for any reason does not qualify for the homestead classification, they should notify the county assessor within 30 days of the change in homestead status.

To talk with the assessor, call 952.960.7919.