Hydrant flushing underway

City public works crews begin spring hydrant flushing this week, beginning Monday, April 26, on streets that have already been swept. Flushing begins on the east side of Shorewood and moves west.

When flushing takes place in your neighborhood, you might notice some browning of the water. This is from iron deposits released in the pipes during flushing. It is harmless, but can stain light-colored clothing in the laundry. To speed the clearing process run the cold water from the lowest level possible in your home until you see it is clear. Do not run hot water until it has cleared so that iron does not get in your water heater. 

If clothing does get iron stains, products such as Iron Out, available at grocery and discount stores, will generally remove the stain. 

If you notice water pressure or brown water issues after 48 hours, please contact the public works department at 952.960.7914