Mediacom customers are offered alternatives by LMCC to view NBC programming

Mediacom customers have been unable to view NBC programming via cable television due to a negotiation situation between Mediacom and TEGNA, the owner of many broadcast stations including KARE11. Many customers are contacting Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission (LMCC) about not being able to get NBC, especially with the Olympics quickly approaching.

LMCC offers the following temporary solutions to view NBC programming and the Olympics:

  1.  A high-definition antenna can be purchased rather inexpensively at Target, Best Buy, or some local hardware stores. Add this to your main television as an additional input.
  2. If you have internet access, NBC's Universal Streaming Service, Peacock, offers access to free television services which includes sporting events and the Olympics.
  3. and the NBC Sports app both offer live coverage during the games. These are free if you are a Mediacom subscriber.

See the letter from LMCC with more details about the situation.