2018 Tree Sale

Celebrate trees by planting new the trees in your yard. Shorewood is heavily forested in Ash trees which are at risk of the Emerald Ash Borer. By planting a variety of native trees in the city, we will hopefully notice less impact when the ash borer arrives to our area and we lose many ash trees.

Shorewood's sale offers larger sized, balled root trees at wholesale prices. Unfortunately, unlike trees purchased at a nursery, these trees do not carry a warranty, but we have always had great luck with any trees purchased through the program.

Supplies are limited, so to get best selection, order early. If the tree is listed below it is still available.
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Pagoda Dogwood
full sun to shade
15-20 ft mature height
20-25 ft mature spread

This woodland tree is a great replacement for buckthorn. It gets cream-colored flowers and dark blue fruit, In the fall it turns red. Attracts butterflies and songbirds.
Purple Prince Crab
full sun
18 ft mature height
18 ft mature spread
Rose-red flowers and maroon fruit make this a favorite of songbirds and pollinators. It turns bronze-gold in the fall
American Larch
full sun
40-80 ft mature height
40-80 ft mature spread
Also known as Tamarack, this is Minnesota's only conifer that loses it's needles in the fall. Great tree for wet areas; tolerates a variety of soil types.

White Pine
full sun to part shade
25 ft mature height
30 ft mature spread

Fastest growth rate of the state's pine species. Long, bright, green, soft needles. Likes well drained soil.

Balsam Fir
full sun to full shade
mature height 50-75 ft
mature spread 20-35 ft

One of the few pines that will thrive in full shade. Does well in damp places. Needles are flat and fragrant. Doesn't like clay soils; ok it peat and loamy soils.