The following summary from the council meeting is a draft. Minutes from the meeting are on the next meeting agenda for approval by the council. Please contact city hall, 952.960.7900, if you have questions.

CITY OF SHOREWOOD                                                                  


Roll Call:

Council Present: Acting Mayor Siakel, Councilmembers Sundberg, Labadie and Johnson
Council Absent: Mayor Zerby

Staff Present: City Administrator Lerud, City Attorney Keane, City Clerk Thone, Planning Director Darling, City Finance Director Rigdon, City Engineer Fauske, Public Works Director Brown

Approve Agenda: Motion: KS Second:JL Vote: 4-0, Motion Carried.

CONSENT AGENDA – Motion to approve items on the Consent Agenda & Adopt
Resolutions Therein: Motion to Approve: KS Second: JL Vote: 4-0, Motion Carried.
A.    City Council Work Session Minutes of August 27, 2018                                                         
B.    City Council Regular Meeting Minutes of August 27, 2018                                                     
C.   Approval of the Verified Claims List                                                                                         
D.   Approve Resolution 18-084: Truth In Taxation Meeting Date                                                 
E.    Approve Resolution 18-085 Accepting Constructed Improvements and Authorize Final
      Payment for the 2017 Inflow and Infiltration Abatement Project, City Project 17-16              

1)    Kert Koerting – 20325 Excelsior Boulevard – explained to the council he has received letters from the City regarding cleaning up his property and would like to request an extension of time to comply due to some physical limitations. Planning Director Darling indicated there was in fact a deadline in mid-October for compliance.  Council directed staff to arrange a meeting with the resident to discuss his request.
2)    Richard Eng -  25170 Glen Rd -  Concern #1) explained that the gravel, dirt and mud located on Glen Road is unacceptable while other city’s streets undergoing construction are clear and clean; he provided the council photos of the issue.  In addition he raised concerns that while the City Council is interested in Collective Garbage Hauling to reduce stress on streets; builders are unloading heavy equipment (excavator and bull dozers) on Glen Road.  Council Members Sundberg and Labadie stressed the City is only in the research and information gathering stages regarding the Collective Garbage Hauling process.  Planning Director Darling explained that they have talked with the builder who has assured them they are cleaning up after construction and have agreed not to unload the heavy equipment on city streets.  Staff was directed to follow-up and provide an update at the next council meeting.  Concern #2) Explained the $135,000 report from 2007 Feasibility Study done by WSB to address the run-off produced no relief for the neighborhood.  There is a petition from 2007 with 30 signatures of homeowners who did not want city water, did not want the road widened, they did not want curb and gutter and now the city is proposing to do it all again.  Acting Mayor Siakel thanked him for bringing this to the city’s attention.
3)    Wallace Piroyan of 24845 Glen Road expressed his concerns regarding a road project on Glen Road which would have a negative impact on the tree lined road – he moved here for the rustic foliage and trees and Glen Road is beautiful – they want to maintain the current road footprint and older feel of the neighborhood.  He cautioned that in the 2007 project – the city spent over $100,000 when only a few residents wanted the changes. 



NO PARKS ITEMS                                                                                                                                  


ITEM A Report by Commissioner Eggenberger on 08-28-18 Planning Commission Meeting

ITEM B Resolution 18-086: Preliminary/Final Plat for Woodhaven 7th Addition and Variances for substandard lot at 22000 Stratford Place for redevelopment and authorize the execution of a water connection agreement; Motion: KS  Second: PJ  Vote: 4-0, Motion Carried.

ITEM C Resolution 18-087: Minor Subdivision and Variance to Setback for 5865 Glencoe Rd to subdivide the lot and build a new home 20-feet from the property line and closer to Academy Avenue than allowed in the code but the boulevard is extra wide which Planning Commission voted for approval at a 3-1 vote (the nay vote was due to the commissioner’s belief that the variance was self-imposed).  The Applicant, Rick Denman, explained the benefits of the new build to the council.
Motion: KS Second: PJ Vote: 4-0, Motion Carried.

ITEM D Resolution 18-088: Minor Subdivision from Stephan Homes for 4865 Ferncroft Drive to create two lots and construct two new homes, Planning Commission reviewed and recommended unanimously to approve the request.  Chris Stephan approached the council and explained he was available for any questions the council may have.  
Motion: PJ Second: JL Vote: 4-0, Motion Carried.
ITEM A Resolution 18-089: Approve Professional Services Agreement with WSB & Assoc. for the 2018 Pavement Coring Project, City Project 18-09 not to exceed $1,085. Motion: KS  Second: DS Vote: 4-0, Motion Carried.
ITEM B Resolution 18-090: Approve Professional Services Agreement with WSB & Assoc. for the Glen Road, Amlee Road and Manitou Lane Street Reconstruction and Utility Improvements; Authorize Preparation of the Feasibility Study, estimated at $141,805.  Councilmember Johnson inquired if the roadway would need to be widened with this project – and Director Brown explained that could be explored – Acting Mayor Siakel inquired whether there are other options to consider that may be more in line with what the residents want and even reduce the costs  – Director Brown stated we may need to explore the competing issues of drainage control, street width, and keeping the rural feel of the roadways.  Councilmember Labadie inquired if there are other concerns that were not brought to council’s attention tonight to which he explained mainly drainage concerns have been brought to his attention and 8-10 residents in the area have complained regarding the conditions of the streets – City Engineer Fauske explained four residential property owners have come forward in the area in the past year with drainage issues.  She explained the 2007 study could be utilized for some historical information but that the new feasibility study would show the current calculations and conditions as much can happen in 11 years, in addition it would adhere to the new designs for storm water. Director Brown indicated although the tree impact could be minimal it would be impacted.  Acting Mayor Siakel explained that some work needs to be done according to the City Streets Plan but for the two studies combined the cost is significant especially if the neighbors really do not want it.  She reiterated something needs to be addressed with stormwater and the roads but maybe it could be more minimal than what is being proposed.  Councilmember Labadie requested copies of the tree report and other documents from the 2007 studies.  Acting Mayor Siakel inquired if the council carries this over until the next meeting how it would impact the schedule to which Director Borwn recommended moving forward with the feasibility study and committing to emphasis on a more public process for the remainder of the project.  Acting Mayor Siakel recommended that we put off the decision until the next council meeting to speak with residents in the area.  Jason Hicks of Harding Lane – located at the end of Glen Road – asked whether there was a minimum requirement for the width of the road. Councilmember Sundberg agreed with Acting Mayor Siakel but added that the timeline should be tight and requested a neighborhood meeting before making any decisions.  The question was raised by residents and council if there is a sense of urgency for this project.  Consensus was that pushing it out is feasible.  Staff will work to get a neighborhood meeting on the topic in the next couple of weeks to garner feedback from the residents in the area to better understand what they want; street reconstruction, infrastructure improvements including storm water management and city water and bring back those results to the next council meeting.  Postponed to September 24th City Council Meeting after Neighborhood Meeting to Gain Neighborhood Input

ITEM C Resolution 18-091: Approve a Resolution Requesting Hennepin County to Restrict Parking Along Mill Street (CSAH 82) within the Shorewood City Limits by striping a shoulder of approximately 6.5 to 9.5 feet for non-vehicular traffic until such time when on off-street trail or sidewalk is constructed; Joe Schneider of 21125 Christmas Lane who previously lived in the area of Mill Street spoke in favor of no parking for biking on the roadway. Motion: PJ  Second: KS Vote: 4-0, Motion Carried.

ITEM D Resolution 18-092: Approve Resolution Allowing the Property Located at 21125 Christmas Lane to Connect to Chanhassen Municipal Water and the Water Connection Agreement with Joseph N. Schneider, 21125 Christmas Lane; Motion: DS Second: PJ Vote: 4-0, Motion Carried.

ITEM A Resolution 18-093: Adopt the 2019 Preliminary General Budget and Levy at an increase of 1.4 percent over 2018 for a preliminary budget of $6,319,948 including a $25,000 increase for street improvements.  The Property Tax Levy is 3% higher than the 2018 total levy for a total levy for 2019 of $5,530,322. Motion: JL Second: KS Vote: 4-0, Motion Carried. 

ADJOURN:   9:10 p.m. Motion: PJ  Second: JL Vote: 4-0, Motion Carried.