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Absentee vote: General Election begins September 21

Wednesday, August 22, Recycling Day, mainland

Thursday, August 23, Recycling Day, islands

Tuesday, August 28, 7 p.m., Planning Commission meeting

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Cablecast of Meetings

All regular meetings of the City Council are cablecast on a delayed basis on Cable Channel 8. Schedule of viewing times can be found on the LMCC Web Site.

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City Meetings

See a brief summary of the latest council meeting.

Meeting Schedule

All City Council and Commission meetings are open to the public except for certain items which are held in closed session and will be noticed before hand in accordance with State Statute. View Agendas or Minutes Online.

  • The City Council meets on the second and fourth Monday evenings of each month. Work Sessions and Special Meetings held at other times will be noted in advance.
  • The Planning Commission meets in Regular Session on the first Tuesday evening of the month.
  • The Park Commission meets on the second Tuesday evening of the month, and more often as required.
Getting on the Agenda

If your question or concern has not been satisfactorily resolved by City Staff, or if there is an issue you would like to raise before the City Council or a Commission, it can be placed on an appropriate agenda for consideration.

Submit written material to the Administrative Offices at least ten (10) days before the meeting.

Public Hearing Procedures

Please sign up on the sign-up sheet prior to the meeting if you wish to speak at a public hearing.

For formal public hearings, the following procedure will be followed:

  • The Mayor/Chair announces the purpose of the Public Hearing.
  • Staff presents the matter being considered.
  • Applicant gives a presentation.
  • Public testimony:
  • Residents are asked not to repeat previous comments.
  • Any question raised will be recorded and answered by City Staff following the conclusion of public testimony.
  • Once the public portion of the hearing is closed, no more public testimony is taken. The Council or Commission may make a decision or defer action to another time.
Public Participation

The City Council welcomes public participation at all meetings. If you plan to speak to the City Council, it is best to arrive at the beginning of the meeting. This portion of the meeting designated for public participation is entitled "Matters From the Floor" on the agenda .

When the Mayor calls on you, step to the lectern and begin by stating your name and address.

No Council action will be taken. Items may be referred to Staff for study and report and placed on a future Council agenda for deliberation and potential action.

Questions or Concerns?

Generally most questions can be addressed by the appropriate City Department. If your call to the City Department does not resolve the issue to your satisfaction, contact the City Administrator.

If you still do not feel your concern has been properly addressed, a call to a member of the City Council is in order.