Deer Management Program

In 2010, the Shorewood City Council adopted a revised deer managment program. This program included an annual aerial survey of the local deer population, and then a decision about how to manage the population. It could be decided to do nothing on years that the population seems under control, to an arranged bowhunt of deer during years of high numbers.

2017 Schedule

The City of Shorewood will once again be working with the Metro Bowhunters Resource Base to provide a deer management program in the fall of 2017. The dates of the hunt are:
Sept. 22-24
Oct. 6-8
Oct. 20-22
Nov. 3-5
Backup: Nov. 17-19

The City has contacted land owners who have participated in the program in past years. If you are a past participant and have not returned the forms, please send them in immediately. If you are a property owner and interested in participating in the program, please contact City Hall at 952-960-7901. The hunters will inspect your property to determine if it is a suitable location. Property owners adjacent to property where the hunt will be occurring will receive notification of the hunt.

For more information on the program, contact Greg LeRud, City Administrator, 952.960.7905.

2015 Deer Management Results
2016 Deer Management Results