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trail ribbon cutting

The Smithtown West trail was completed in 2014. A rainy day ribbon cutting marked the occasion.

From left to right: Bill Joynes, Debbie Siakel, Laura Hotvet, Kristine Sundberg, Scott Zerby, Dick Woodruff.

Letter Regarding Smithtown East Sidewalk

Construction preparation is starting and residents along the Smithtown East Sidewalk construction area should have recieved a letter with information about the project. If you have any questions about the project, please contact Engineer Paul Hornby, 952.960.7910.

Trail Contacts:

  • For questions or comments regarding new trails or trail construction, contact Brad Nielsen, Planning Director, 952.960.7912.
  • For questions or comments regarding trail maintenance or safety issues, contact Public Works, 952.960.7913.
  • If you notice vandalism or see an issue occurring on the trail which could affect public safety, please call 9-1-1.

City Trails

The city has developed a Trail Implementation Plan for trail connections throughout the city. The city council adopted the plan as part of the current Capital Improvement Plan.

Smithtown Road Trail (West)
Smithtown Road Trail (East)
Galpin Lake Road Walkway
LRT Bridge Project

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Smithtown Road Trail (East)

Tentative schedule:

  • Planning Commission recommendation to Council re trail segment for following year 6/03/14 (complete)
  • Council authorizes preparation of survey and Feasibility Report 6/09/14(complete)
  • Survey 7/14/14 – 8/22/14(complete)
  • Feasibility Report 7/28/14 – 8/27/14(complete)
  • Planning Commission review of feasibility report and trail walk 10/21/14(complete)
  • Planning Commission recommendation re Feasibility Report 10/21/14(complete)
  • Council approves Feasibility Report   10/27/14(complete)
  • Planning Commission holds Neighborhood Meeting 10/30/14(complete)
  • Award land acquisition service/auth plan prep   11/20/14(complete)
  • Preparation of Plans and Specifications 12/11/14 – 5/31/15(complete)
  • Land Acquisition Process 2/1/15 – 8/31/15(complete)
    • Complete parcel descriptions and legal descriptions
    • Review proposed easements with staff/attorney
    • Letters to property owners regarding survey staking
    • Field stake proposed easements for Appraiser/RW Agent
    • Easement viewing – parcel owner and RW Agent on-site
    • Appraisal information
    • Appraisal review
    • Council considers resolution to authorize staff to make offers and eminent domain schedule
    • Prepare and deliver offers to parcel owners
  • Begin eminent domain action    3/23/15(complete)
  • Neighborhood informational meeting  6/3/15(complete)
  • Council approve Plans/Specs/ authorizes ad for Bids 7/27/15(complete)
  • Receive bids for construction 8/21/15(complete)
  • City possession of easements/letter of compliance 8/24/15(complete)
  • Council awards Construction Contract 8/24/15(complete)
  • Neighborhood preconstruction meeting 8/27/15(complete)
  • Groundbreaking Ceremony 8/27/15(complete)
  • Letter to residents 1/21/16(complete)
  • Begin tree triming/removal 2/22/16 (updated 2/21/16)
  • Begin construction 6/30/2016 (updated 1/21/16)
  • Construction substantially complete TBD
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony TBD.

Galpin Lake Road Walkway

Do to high bids on this project, it will be rebid in 2016.

Tentative Schedule:

  • Planning commission recommendation to Council (complete)
  • Council authorizes preparation of survey and feasibility report (complete)
  • Survey (complete)
  • Feasibility Report (complete)
  • Planning Commission review of feasibility report and trail walk (complete)
  • Council approves feasibility report (complete)
  • Planning Commission holds neighborhood meeting (complete)
  • Council award of land acquisition services and authorizes preparation of plans and specs (complete)
  • Preparation of Plans and Specs
    95% Complete submittal to MnDOT 5/30/14 (complete)
  • MnDot Review 7/01/14 (complete)
  • Council authorizes advertise for bids 7/14/14 (complete)
  • Open Bids 8/19/14 (complete)
  • Council consideration of award 08/25/14 (complete)
  • Land Acquisition Process (complete)
  • Neighborhood postbid meeting 10/30/14 (complete)
  • City possession of easements/letter of compliance (NA)
  • Groundbreaking ceremony TBD
  • Begin construction TBD
  • Construction Phase 1 substantially complete TBD
  • Construction Phase 2 substantially complete TBD
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony TBD
  • Restoration complete TBD

Smithtown Road Trail (West)

A schedule for the Smithtown Trail follows:

  • 10 Sept.               Order Feasibility Study (complete)
  • 24 Sept.               Order Wetland Delineation/submit (complete)
  • 8 Oct.                   Set Open House Date for 15 November (complete)
  • 13 Nov.                Accept Feasibility Study (complete)
  • 15 Nov.                Open House held at Minnewashta School (complete)
  • 26 Nov.                Order Right-of-Way Acquisition, appraisals, etc. (complete)
  • 10 Dec.                Order Plans, Specifications & Estimates (complete)
  • 25 Feb-28 Feb.    Field stake proposed easements for Appraiser (complete)
  • 1 Mar.-8 Mar.       Easement viewing--Parcel owner on-site (complete)
  • 9 Mar.-9 Apr.       Appraisal Preparation (complete)
  • 16 Mar.-16 Apr.   Appraisal Review (complete)
  • 11 Mar.-29 Mar.   Plan Review by Mn/DOT State Aid Office (complete)
  • 13 Mar.                Neighborhood Info Meeting (Minnewashta Elementary)(complete)
  • 25 Mar.                Council Approves Plans/Specs and Authorize Bids (complete)
  • 16 Apr.-24 Apr.   Prepare and Deliver Offers to Parcel Owners (complete)
  • 21 May                Receive Bids for Construction (complete)
  • 24 May                Begin Eminent Domain Action (not required)
  • 28 May                Award Construction Contract (complete)
  • 5 June                 Neighborhood Precon Meeting 5-7 PM (complete)
  • 10 June               Groundbreaking Ceremony (complete)
  • mid-June     Begin Construction(complete)
  • 24 Aug.               City possession of easements/Letter of Compliance (complete)
  • 31 Oct.                Construction Substantially Complete (complete)
  • 13 Oct.                Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, 5:30 pm in front of Minnewashta School. (complete)
  • TBD      Restoration Complete (complete)

Cost breakdown to date of Smithtown West Trail.

If you have questions, please contact the Planning Department at 952.960.7912.

LRT Trail Crossing at County Road 19: UPDATE

The Three Rivers Park District received bids for the LRT Bridge over County Road 19. Unfortunately, the bids came in well over budget.  The Three Rivers Park District Board Chair and Executive Director indicated their recommendation to the full Park Board will be to reject all the bids. Three Rivers indicated they have experienced this kind of bid result with two other major projects on their docket this year.  Discussions will take place about any redesign possibilities, or looking at using the existing resources to provide trail connections to the LRT or circulator routes within the Shorewood - Excelsior Community. For additional information, please contact Three River's Park District.