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April 2021 Update

Staff has been advancing the design for the Smithtown Pond and Shorewood Oaks Drainage Improvements project.  As part of this project, an Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) permit is required before construction can begin.   The ACOE permit that we need for this project can take 4 to 6 months or more, depending on a number of variables.    Staff is working diligently to advance the permitting process and will provide an update to residents when an approval timeframe is better known.  Based on the length of acquiring the ACOE permit, there is a possibility that the Shorewood Oaks Drainage Improvements project could be delayed to the spring of 2022.   Construction of the Smithtown Pond is anticipated to occur over the winter of 2021-2022. 

Public meeting March 11, 2021
The city engineer shared a short video and answered questions about the proposed project. 
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Smithtown Pond FAQs

6/30/2020 Update

Survey crews for the drainage study are putting blue and green flags in many Shorewood Oaks yards. Please leave the flags in place until the study is complete. If you remove them to mow, please put them back in the same place if possible. Contact the city if you have any questions, 952.960.7900.

The City of Shorewood has completed the design and bid the project.  The City is working to secure one additional easement and then will award the project.  Construction is anticipated to occur over the summer of 2021. 

Over the years there have been several occurrences where sump pumps have been unable to discharge enough water into the draintile and have caused backups and resulting basement damage. Upon review, there seem to be scenarios where high groundwater levels, stormwater runoff,  and the use of the sump pumps, which are directly connected to the draintile, overwhelms the system and the sump pumps do not have enough power to discharge through the system as installed.

The questionnaire prepared to help the city gather information as it relates to historical issues with the current draintile and sump pump system has ended. If you have feedback about drainage and your Shorewood Oaks neighborhood property, please email comments to the city engineer, or call city hall at 952.960.7900.  

Council memo 6/22/2020Resolution from 6/22/2020 city council meeting
Feasibility study (proposed at 6/22/2020 meeting)
Letter mailed June, 2020

Project contact:
Andrew Budde, City Engineer, 952.960.7900