Smithtown Pond


Smithtown Pond--Plan Rendering
Smithtown Pond--System Function Diagram
Smithtown Pond--Tree Preservation

Smithtown Pond is being built to help address many significant drainage issues within western Shorewood.  The primary goals in constructing the stormwater ponds are to reduce flooding and drainage issues upstream and reduce flow rates in the downstream Grant Lorenz Channel.  Stormwater ponds are a proven economical method for reducing downstream flow rates and capturing pollutants within stormwater before they enter natural bodies of water downstream.  Additional goals of the project include preservation and/or restoration of trees & habitat, creating a trail connection amenity between Smithtown Road and the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail, and improving water quality to downstream water bodies. 

August 2021 Update

The Smithtown Pond project is anticipated to begin construction this fall once the permit from the Army Corps of Engineers is finalized. Construction is expected to extend over the course of the winter/spring of 2022.  The project is being completed in advance of the proposed Strawberry Lane Street reconstruction project and Shorewood Oaks Drainage project. If approved,  both of these projects are slated for construction in 2022 and both will route stormwater to the Smithtown Ponds.  

April 2021 Update

Staff has been advancing the design for the Smithtown Pond and Shorewood Oaks Drainage Improvements project.  As part of this project, an Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) permit is required before construction can begin.   The ACOE permit that we need for this project can take 4 to 6 months or more, depending on a number of variables.    Staff is working diligently to advance the permitting process and will provide an update to residents when an approval timeframe is better known.  Based on the length of acquiring the ACOE permit, there is a possibility that the Shorewood Oaks Drainage Improvements project could be delayed to the spring of 2022.   Construction of the Smithtown Pond is anticipated to occur over the winter of 2021-2022. 

Public meeting March 11, 2021
The city engineer shared a short video and answered questions about the proposed project. 
View the meeting

Council update
The following memos and resolutions were presented to the city council:
06-08-2020 Accept proposal to prepare a feasibility study for Smithtown Pond
01-25-2021 Receive feasibility study and authorize the preparation of plans and specifications

If you have questions, contact the city by email or call 952.960.7900. You may also complete the online form.

Project review
City of Shorewood is installing a stormwater pond on the north side of the LRT trail off of Smithtown Lane. The pond is to provide drainage for the corridor along both sides of the LRT trail.

Details will be posted as the project design is completed. For updates, sign up for the eNews email alerts for Smithtown Pond.

Project contact:
Andrew Budde, City Engineer, 952.960.7900