Smithtown Pond/Strawberry Lane

This project is postponed until 2023. An open house is planned after October 15. More information will be posted when the date is set.

Council meeting July 26
The Strawberry Lane alignment, width and trail location were discussed at the July 26 council meeting. You can view the discussion online. Currently, staff is reviewing additional options for the project.

Neighborhood Meeting June 22

Meeting recording 06/22/2021
Strawberry Lane trail/street comparisons
Strawberry Lane presentation slides
Strawberry Lane open house slides

Letter  6/7/2021

Strawberry Lane
Feasibility study
Feasibility study slideshow presentation (4/26/21)

Public meeting March 11, 2021
The city engineer shared a short video and answered questions about the proposed project. 
View the meeting

Smithtown Pond FAQs

Survey staff continues to gather information along the Strawberry Lane corridor and Smithtown Pond areas.  You will see the surveyors further away from the roadway as they gather information on culverts, ditches, and other low areas so that staff can appropriately review the drainage in and around the area.  Trees in the survey area are marked with white or pink tape to indicate the survey of that area is complete. They will be removed at the end of the survey. 

In the near future, the city council will authorize the preparation of a feasibility study for the project.  This will be the next step in looking at more detailed, yet preliminary solutions to the drainage, utilities, roadway and trail.  The feasibility study will review various design solutions for the above improvements and will also factor in costs and impacts on residents.  The feasibility study will take several months to prepare and will provide opportunities for residents to provide comments and feedback. 

The Smithtown Pond project is scheduled for 2021-2022.
The reconstruction of Strawberry Lane is scheduled for 2022. 

Project contact:
Andrew Budde, City Engineer, 952.960.7900