Trash hauling

Living in Shorewood: Refuse Collection

Shorewood does not offer garbage pickup. A list of licensed garbage haulers is below for you to contract your own service. Garbage haulers in Shorewood are required to offer rate reductions for residents choosing to use a smaller garbage container. If your garbage container is consistently not full, contact your garbage hauler to see if you what lower rate is offered with a smaller container. The four licensed haulers are the only haulers that can be used for residential hauling in Shorewood.

City Investigates Solid Waste Collection System

The City has entered into a process with the present haulers to examine the solid waste collection system and potential options.  Information that the city generates during this process will be posted here.  In addition, if the issue is ever going to be discussed at a city council meeting or work session, it will appear on the meeting agendas as posted on this website and at city hall.

2/24/17 Agenda memo (pages 65-89)
2/24/17 Meeting minutes
1/31/18 Retreat minutes
1/31/18 1/31/18 memo (pages 16-34)
3/12/18 Work session memo
3/12/18  Work session minutes
4/9/18   Agenda memo
4/9/18   Meeting minutes

Try organics collection to reduce garbage

Organics recycling service offered by one hauler, Randy's Environmental Services. About 30% of residential waste is organics, and can be collected and transformed into healthy, usable dirt. It will not compost itself within the landfill system due to a lack of proper processing. Get some background on organics recycling and see if it is right for your family.

The first 25 customers signing up for new organics collection through Randy's Environmental Services will get free organics service for one year through a Hennpepin County Grant. Contact Randy's to sign up!