Refrigerator Recycling

How to Recycle Your Refrigerator with Xcel Energy:

  1. Make an appointment for your free refrigerator pickup by calling 800-599-5795, or you can schedule online. Your rebate will be $50 check.
  2. Plug in your fridge or freezer the night before the pickup date. Please note that the unit must demonstrate full operational capability when inspected at the time of pickup.
  3. We'll pick up the refrigerator or freezer and recycle it for free.
  4. We will also throw in two free LED light bulbs for you to use in your home.
  5. The rebate check will be mailed to you within four weeks after pickup.

You could receive $50 or more* in annual energy savings while helping reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and ozone-depleting chemicals.

Primary (kitchen) and secondary (garage/basement/other) refrigerators/freezers are accepted. Units must have been operating in your home for at least six months.