Private wells

If you do have a private well, please consider having the water tested for heavy metals, such as arsenic, and make sure you have the annual bacterial test conducted by a certified lab

Concerns About Lead in Water

The most recent occurrence of lead in drinking water for Flint, Michigan has many consumers asking the question, “Is there lead or other contaminants in the water that I consume?” This occurrence also highlights the importance of this resource that we depend on to meet basic needs and sustenance of life. Learn More

Private Wells

Public water systems are tested regularly for a variety of contaminants, but if you have a private well, regular testing is up to you. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has recommendations that you can follow to assure that your well water is safe.

Owner's Guide to Wells, Minnesota Department of Health
Well Owner's Handbook, MInnesota Department of Health

Considering City Water?

Many properties currently using private wells in Shorewood have access to city water. Some of these properties have previously paid an assessment toward the connection fee. The city recently evaluated the water access charge, the fee to pay for city water connection, and it will be going up at the end of 2019. Residents wanting ton connect to city water prior to December 31, 2019, are locked in at the current rate of $10,000, which can be assessed on your property interest free for up to ten years.

See city water connections for common questions, or contact the city, 952.960.7900, for more information and to check on the availability of city water for your property.