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The Shorewood City Council Race results in a Recount.

Shorewood Local Election Recount and Results

On November 30, 2022 City Election officials performed a publicly funded Recount due to the close race between Dustin Maddy and Nat Gorham.  Unofficial results of the Recount show Dustin Maddy with 1610 votes and Nat Gorham with 1600 votes - Gorham gaining one vote in the Recount.  A Canvas will be held on December 12, 2022 by the City's Election Canvassing Board to certify the results.   Once certified, the newly seated council members; Guy Sanschagrin and Dustin Maddy, will take office in January of 2023.  Thank you to all election staff and judges who helped to make the Shorewood Recount a success!  Thank you to Dustin Maddy and Nat Gorham for their professionalism and respect throughout the process and to all candidates and newly elected officials for their patience in reporting the final results.  Congratulations to Guy Sanschagrin and Dustin Maddy and welcome!.. Read More...

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