Bee Safe City

In 2014, Shorewood became the first city in Minnesota to become a Bee-Safe City by resolution. In 2022, the City Council amended the original resolution to allow for phased implementation of the new plan. The new resolution (NO. 22-135) is available here

Practices the Shorewood City Council committed to include:

  1. The city desires to be a Bee-Safe City and to undertake best management practices in the use of plantings and pesticides on Shorewood city property.
  2. The City shall gradually reduce the use of systemic pesticides on Shorewood City property including pesticides from the neonicotinoid family consistent with the integrated pest management plan.
  3. The City shall plant flowers favorable to bees and other pollinators in the City's public spaces.
  4. The City shall designate Bee-Safe areas in which future City plantings are free from systemic pesticides including neonicotinoids consistent with the integrated pest management plan.
  5. The City shall communicate to Shorewood residents the importance of creating and maintaining a pollinator-friendly habitat and shall publish a Bee-Safe City Progress Report on an annual basis.

2022 Audit
In Spring of 2022, the City of Shorewood asked the IPM Institute of North America and its Midwest Growers Green (MGG) sustainable landscaping initiative to audit their current landscape maintenance practices, assess if they comply to the 2014 Bee City resolution and make recommendations to help the city comply and exceed the resolution. View the full audit and draft implementation plan

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