Picnic Shelter reservations

Whether you are planning a picnic, reunion or just a neighborhood get together, Shorewood's picnic shelters offer an ideal location for these events. Shelters are available to reserve. A Picnic Shelter Permit is required. For reservations contact city hall at 952.960.7900.

Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., daily

Fee Schedule: Reservation Fees must be paid to city hall prior to issuing the permit. No refunds are given due to weather conditions or cancellations. Sales tax not included in the pricing below.

Picnic Pavilions Residents Non-Residents
Badger Park $50 $75
Manor Park $25 $50
Freeman South $25 $50
Eddy Station Pavilion $50 $75
Silverwood Park $25 $50

manorManor Park Shelter

silverwoodSilverwood Park Shelter

freemanFreeman Park South eddy
Eddy Station Pavilion

Park Shelter Rules

  • Glass Containers, alcohol and fireworks are prohibited in the parks.
  • No alterations to the shelter will be made.
  • Hot coals should be left in the grill.
  • No amplified music or P.A. system.
  • Pets are not allowed in picnic shelter areas.
  • Applicant is responsible for cleaning up the facilities, including depositing all trash and recycling in the appropriate containers.
  • Applicant is responsible for any damage to the facility.
  • Parking is allowed in designated areas only; no parking on the grass.
COVID-19 safety rules

  • Tables must remain six feet apart.
  • Social distancing is encouraged.