Bee Safe City

Best practices for residential properties

In 2014, Shorewood became the first city in Minnesota to become a Bee Safe City by resolution

Practices the Shorewood City Council committed to include:

  1. The city shall undertake its best efforts to become a Bee-Safe City by undertaking best management practices in the use of plantings and pesticides in all public places within the city.
  2. The city shall refrain from the use of systemic pesticides on Shorewood city property including pesticides from the neonicotinoid family.
  3. The city shall undertake its best efforts to plant flowers favorable to bees and other pollinators in the city's public spaces.
  4. The city shall designate Bee-Safe areas in which future city plantings are free from systemic pesticides including neonicotinoids.
  5. The city shall undertake best efforts to communicate to Shorewood residents the importance of creating and maintaining a pollinator-friendly habitat.
  6. The city shall publish a Bee-Safe City progress report on an annual basis.
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