The City of Shorewood encourages residents to get involved when it comes to enhancing and promoting environmental health in your home and in our community.

 Resources for residents 

Recycle the holidays
Check out some great tips to make your holidays less wasteful and more enjoyable. You will probably save some money, too!

Organics Recycling and Backyard Composting

Approximately 25% of residential trash is food waste and could be put in an organics recycling program rather than the regular trash. Currently, Randy's Environmental Services is the only hauler in Shorewood that offers curbside collection of organics. This is part of the Blue Bag program in which customers put organics in a blue bag that is then tied and thrown in with the regular garbage. The blue bags are sorted out and composted before the remaining trash goes to a landfill or burner. This service is offered only to Randy's customers. If you have another hauler, tell them you would like organics recycling as part of your service. Once enough customers ask, maybe they will offer a program. Drop off sites are also available. Contact the city at 952.960.7900 for information.

Some of your food waste, especially fruit and vegetable waste, can be part of a backyard compost program. It's easy! Check out instructions at backyard composting.

Clean Green

Reduce toxic chemicals in your home, the amount you spend on cleaners, and leave your house smelling clean and fresh. Create your own green cleaning products. Clean green and your house will smell and look great!

At the Lake

When fishing Shorewood lakes, please use lead-free fishing tackle. The lead-free fishing tackle promotion is a part of a program sponsored by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Department of Natural Resources.