Trash Hauling

City of Shorewood does not offer trash collection. Residents should contract with their choice hauler from the list of licensed trash haulers below. Refuse haulers in Shorewood are required to offer trashrate reductions for residents choosing to use a smaller garbage container. If your trash container is consistently not full, contact your hauler to see if you what lower rate is offered with a smaller container. The four licensed haulers are the only haulers that can be used for residential hauling in Shorewood.

2019 resident survey
In 2019 the city council had an independent agency conduct a city survey on organized trash collection. The results were 70% of residents did not want an organized collection system, so the council did not consider the option further. The survey is available for review. 

Residential haulers:
The city has been made aware that Randy's is a Republic Services company. 
Because they still do business and are licensed as Randy's, they remain listed as Randy's. They are no longer offering the Blue Bag organics program.

Shorewood is an open hauling city. If you have a hauler that would like to haul trash from Shorewood they simply need a license. Shorewood has no restrictions on the number of haulers allowed to participate in hauling.

Curbside Waste  763-504-2872 (also offers curbside organics collection)
Randy's Environmental Services*    763-972-3335 (no curbside organics collection at this time)
Republic Services    952-941-5174 (no curbside organics collection at this time)
Waste Management    800-450-9378

*As of March 2022, Randy's Environmental Services is not offering the Blue Bag organics collection program. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of the city drop-off sites for no charge. 

Residential containers
The city zoning code requires that all refuse carts be brought back up to the house away from the street within 12-hours of collection day. The carts are not to be placed curbside more than 12-hours before collection day. Although the city does not have a requirement that carts must be kept in garages or out of site, please respect your neighbors and keep containers clean and out of view when not in use if possible.