Water efficiency rebates

This round of rebates ends June 30, 2022. The city has received a grant for rebates for purchases made July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2024, while funding lasts. A dishwasher rebate will be added to the July 1, 2022, form. 


Award Amounts
The rebate cannot exceed the purchase price up to a maximum of:

  • $100 for WaterSense® toilets (maximum two per Shorewood residential property)
  • $200 for residential WaterSense® irrigation controllers,
  • $15 per WaterSense® sprinkler body replacement  (maximum 15 sprinkler bodies) See a video from City of Denver, CO, that explains the difference between old and new technology.
  • NEW! $200 for Energy Star clothes washers purchased after 9/20/2020

Commercial property managers should contact the city. Multi-family and commercial properties may qualify for larger rebate quantities.

This funding is available until June 30, 2022, or until funds are exhausted. Applications are first-come, first-served. All rebates will be in the form of a utility bill credit from City of Shorewood.

Eligible Applicants
Shorewood property owners who are customers of the municipal water supply system that replace existing inefficient clothes washers with Energy Star products, or toilets and irrigation system equipment with WaterSense® products. Rebate items must be installed within the City of Shorewood into an existing home. New construction does not qualify. All products must be certified WaterSense® .

Eligible Activities
The following products purchased after February 1, 2020, could qualify for rebates.

 WaterSense® certified products can be found online: http://www.epa.gov/watersense/product_search.html.