Xcel Partners in Energy

Improving energy efficiency and promoting clean energy usage is important to the city. We are working to help public spaces, and residential and commercial properties to become more efficient, saving energy and money!

Residents and businesses committed to managing their energy use can save money while also minimizing the negative effects that energy production can have on the environment.

tree lightbulbPartners in Energy

Shorewood is participating in Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy program, designed to support communities as they develop and implement an energy plan unique to their energy needs. Shorewood is proud to be a leader in small cities committed to furthering positive energy goals!

Sign up for Windsource

The goal of Shorewood's energy committee is for 300 more Shorewood households to sign up for clean energy through Windsource. Minnesota is one of the top producers of wind energy in the United States, so not only will you be creating demand for this clean energy source, you will be helping your home state!

Find out more about Windsource and register online.