Tree and Yard care

Emerald Ash Borer in Shorewood

An arborist has confirmed Emerald Ash Borer in an ash tree in the area of Christmas Lake in Shorewood. There are several things residents can do to help slow the spread throughout the city. Please take EAB seriously and help protect Shorewood trees.  See the Emerald Ash Borer page for more information.

Damaged ash trees along portions of regional trees will be removed this winter. Read more

Watering restrictions
Lawn watering uses a significant portion of our water supply. It is important that residents and businesses follow the city’s watering ordinance. This allows Shorewood’s water system not only an adequate opportunity to replenish the supply in the city’s water storage tanks but also ensures there is enough water for all uses.

The city’s ordinance states that residents and businesses can water before 11:00 a.m. and after 4:30 p.m., May 1 - September 30. Residents should work with their sprinkler system provider to make sure watering times are scheduled to water within ordinance hours. Remember to check the timer on your watering system after power outages so that you are not in violation of the restriction.
Fees for violating the water use restrictions are determined by the number of water restriction violations issued to the owner:
• First offense - $50 
• Each additional offense - $25 increase (e.g. 2nd violation $75, 3rd violation $100, etc.) 
No warnings are given for violation of watering restrictions. 

EXEMPTIONS: Private wells are exempt from the ordinance; however, the city encourages homeowners to conserve their water resources during peak hours. Activities such as play toys, car-washing and hand watering are exempt if attended.

Tree and Branch Disposal
Tree and branch waste cannot be put into the trash according to state law. Your trash hauler cannot empty a garbage cart containing yard waste. To get rid of yard waste:

Mosquito control 

Each year, Minnesota Mosquito Control (MMCD) field staff monitor and treat wetlands that breed mosquitoes with a fleet of trucks and helicopters. Many of MMCD's seasonal staff begin working in April and residents of the seven-county metro area may notice the green or white trucks with the MMCD logo or staff on bikes or on foot wearing brightly colored “Mosquito Control” shirts.

At times MMCD employees may need to cross private property for access to check and treat areas for mosquito larvae. MMCD management asks the community to please stay several feet away from field staff and ensure children and pets are kept at a distance.

If you have questions about mosquito control activities or concerns about an employee, call the MMCD  at 651.645.9149 or visit

To check on locations of daily helicopter activity, visit


Backyard composting and mulching grass/leaves and leaving it on your lawn are other options.

Diseased Tree Service Available to Residents
If you have an oak, ash or elm tree that you have concerns about, the city has contracted with Davey Resource Group, Inc. for a free evaluation of the tree. This service is provided June to September.

To make an appointment for tree evaluation, please call city hall at 952.960.7900. Only appointments made through the city will be covered by this program. If you have a question regarding other tree species, you are encouraged to contact an ISA Certified Arborist.  

Tree Preservation
It is the policy of the City of Shorewood to recognize and preserve the existing natural resources of the community. To better protect this natural resource Shorewood established a Tree Preservation Policy that applies to all new construction within the city. The purpose of this policy is to preserve and protect significant trees or stands of trees whose loss due to land disturbances associated with development or construction would negatively affect the character of our community.

The University of Minnesota Extension Service offers great information on all tree care.