Shorewood Zero Waste Challenge 2021

Nobody likes waste!

This March, the City of Shorewood will be hosting our first ever Zero Waste Challenge. Participants will track their waste throughout the month of March, learn zero waste tips, and win prizes for reducing their waste.. The first ten people to sign up will receive a free “zero waste kit.” By creating a community around this cause, we hope to make the journey towards waste reduction as easy, fun, and accessible as possible. Sign up using this form!

How it works:
When you sign up for the Zero Waste Challenge, you’ll receive a chart that you can use to track your waste throughout the four weeks of the challenge using our predetermined point system. Points are assigned for everything you throw away, while positive actions such as picking up litter, reading about environmental issues, or talking to a loved one about sustainability can be counted as “negative points” to reduce your overall point total. Those with the least points by the end of the challenge will win some special zero-waste prizes! 

Throughout the challenge, you’ll get weekly emails with a form to submit your point charts and let us know what you’ve learned and what questions you have. We’ll also share zero waste tips on our social media sites and in our weekly emails. Join our challenge to see how much time, money, and space you can save by reducing your waste!

Waste Tracking Chart