Candidate finance

In 2014 Governor Dayton passed a law requiring cities to post-campaign finance information for city council elections. The reports must be kept online for four years. 

2022 Election
Nat Gorham
Nat Gorham 2
Nat Gorham 3

Dustin Maddy
Dustin Maddy 2

Guy Sanschagrin
Guy Sanschagrin 2
Guy Sanschagrin 3

2020 Election
Guy Sanschagrin
Guy Sanschagrin 2
Jennifer Labadie
Jennifer Labadie 2
Pamela McDonald
Pamela McDonald 2
Patrick Johnson
Paula Callies
Paula Callies 2
Paula Callies 3

2018 election
Jennifer Labadie
Debbie Siakel
Katharine Mulhern