Planning and Protective Inspections

The Planning and Protective Inspections Department oversees planning, zoning, building permits and inspections, rental licensing, code enforcement and other permits. The department also reviews proposed projects and ensures construction work and development activity meets or exceeds basic standards.

Planning and Zoning

  • Coordinates the review, preparation and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, the long range planning tool that guides how Shorewood develops and redevelops
  • Implements the Comprehensive Plan through tools that include the zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations
  • Reviews development applications, and helps enforce the zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations. 
  • Answers questions regarding zoning rules and regulations directly and using handouts for frequently asked zoning questions
  • Serves as liaison to the Planning Commission

Protective Inspections: 

  • The City of Shorewood enforces the Mn State Building Code
  • Issues all construction related permits and inspections, except as noted below.
  • Administers the rental licensing program. 
  • Answers questions regarding building and code compliance directly and using handouts for frequently asked questions.
  • Answers questions regarding green building practices. 

Rental Licensing
To help maintain the integrity of Shorewood’s rental housing, the city requires a rental dwelling license for all rental dwellings, single family through multi-family.  A rental dwelling license is valid for three years.  The City verifies that the property is registered for occupancy and meets the standards set forth in Section 1004 Rental housing code. 

Short-term rental (those under 30 days) are prohibited in Shorewood. 

Code Enforcement
Planning and Protective Inspections staff enforce a variety of zoning, nuisance, and other code violations.  You can report violations or potential violations by calling the staff or emailing or make a report online.

Please contact South Lake Minnetonka Police Department to report issues in the parks or construction hour violations.

Permits should be applied for and paid for online using a credit card. If you need assistance, please call city hall at 952.960.7900.

construction hours

The payment link will follow the permit application process. If it is not a fixed price permit, you will be sent the payment amount and payment link once the plan review is complete. Plan reviews are currently taking two to three weeks.


  • Inspections continue to be required.
  • Contact City Hall at 952.960.7900 to make all inspection appointments at least 24 hours in advance. Inspection appointments are 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Contact the city by email or phone, 952.960.7900 if you have questions or issues.


Marie Darling, Planning Director
Wade Woodward, Building Official
Jason Carlson, Planning Technician
Melissa Strandmo, Administrative Assistant


Building Inspections
The Inspection Services Division is responsible for the application and enforcement of the building code and related ordinances regulating the construction, alterations, and the use of buildings within the city.  Read more

Zoning Code
The purpose of the Zoning Ordinance is to ensure good land management and orderly development of the city. It regulates the types of uses which can occur in each zoning district as well as the specific development standards for each zoning district, which control such details as height, size and use of buildings and lot sizes. The district boundaries are depicted on a zoning map. The City's Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances are periodically reviewed and revised, in order to implement the City's Comprehensive Plan or in response to requests for changes in zoning. Such revisions and requests are reviewed by the Planning Commission and acted on by the City Council after a public hearing.

Information regarding zoning regulations may be obtained by calling the Planning Department at 952.960.7900 or by visiting the City of Shorewood's online City Code.