Shorewood Parks Foundation

The Shorewood Parks Foundation has been in existence since 1994 and in that time has helped establish and maintain programs to promote the preservation, protection, improvement, establishment and enlargement of parks, trails, bikeways and open space for the benefit of the residents of the City of Shorewood and the broader community.

The most visible project undertaken by the Foundation is the Family Plaza, near Eddy Station in Freeman Park. Other program highlights funded by the Foundation include the “Music in the Park” events, park beautification programs, and the city’s Park Improvement Fund. It also strives to coordinate financial donations, matching and in-kind contributions for various recreational grants, and the framework for fundraising to support and improve our Park facilities.

The Shorewood Parks Foundation is comprised of up to nine volunteer members. For more information regarding the Foundation or how to become involved in the fundraising activities, you are invited to contact the foundation.

The Shorewood Parks Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and contributions to it are tax-deductible. Contact the Shorewood Parks Foundation through City of Shorewood.