2022 Elections

The General Election is complete.  The city's local results were canvased at a meeting on November 14, 2022.   One city council race was subjected to a Recount which was held at Shorewood City Hall at 10:00 a.m. on November 30, 2022.  The official results of that Recount are Dustin Maddy with 1610 votes and Nat Gorham with 1600 votes, resulting in one added vote to Gorham.  The Recount results were re-canvassed at the December 12,  2022 City Council meeting.  Newly elected councilmembers Guy Sanschagrin and Dustin Maddy will begin their terms in January of 2023.  Congratulations and thank you all for your patience as we performed the Recount.  

2022 Elections Information:

The 2022 General Election results may be found at:

 Minnesota Secretary of State website.

Redistricting Update

Shorewood's Legislative District split into District 45A and District 45B during this year's Redistricting.  This resulted in Shorewood having to redraw Precinct boundaries.   All residents will receive notification from Hennepin County regarding their new precinct and polling place prior to the Primary Election scheduled for August 9, 2022.   

On March 14, 2022, the Shorewood City Council voted unanimously to approve the following Precincts and Polling Places following the State Redistricting process.  District 45A  will contain the newly created Shorewood Precinct 1, which is a combination of the former Precincts 1 & 2 and will vote at Minnewashta Church.  The new Shorewood Precinct 2, which is a combination of the former Precinct 3 and a portion of the former Precinct 4 that lies within the 45A District, will vote at Shorewood Community and Event Center.  The new Shorewood Precinct 3  is located in District 45B, which is a portion of former Precinct 4 lying north of Covington Road, was required to become its own precinct and will vote at Excelsior Covenant Church.    The new Shorewood Precinct 4 is located in Cathcart Park, in Carver County and currently has no residents/voters.  

2022 Shorewood Precinct Map

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More information on elections is available on the Hennepin County elections website or the Minnesota Secretary of State website.