Birch Bluff Road

Project Overview
Birch Bluff Road will be reconstructed to address drainage concerns. This includes road reconstruction to a 26-foot roadway width, a curb and gutter on both sides of the road, and the addition of watermains and fire hydrants, providing residents with an opportunity to connect to city water and to provide fire protection to homes along the corridor.

2023 Project Schedule & Phases
The Birch Bluff Road and Improvement project will happen in two phases.

Birch Bluff Rd Progress - 9.14

Summer   Fall
May     September  
5/8 Phase 1 Project Begins   9/1-9/8 Street Construction
5/8-5/23 Removals   9/11-9/15 Curb & Gutter
5/22-6/21 Utilities   9/18-9/22 Road Paving & Driveway Paving
      9/25-9/30 Restoration
June     October  
5/22-6/21 Utilities   10/1-10/6 Restoration
6/21-6/30 Street Construction      
6/30  Phase 1 Complete      
7/5 Phase 2 Project Begins      
7/5-7/7 Removals      
7/10-7/31 Watermain      
7/24-7/31 Boulder Retaining Walls      
8/1-8/11 Watermain Services & Boulder Retaining Walls      
8/11-8/25 Storm Sewer      
8/28-8/31 Street Construction      

Phase 1:
This area will be between the Shorewood/Tonka Bay City Limits on the East End of the project, to Eureka Road. This area also includes Lee Circle. The work consists of roadway pavement reclamation, watermain, and storm sewer utility installation. Upon completion of the utility installation, the crew will begin roadway section construction in the area.

Phase 2:
This area will be between Eureka Road to Grant Lorenz/Edgewood Road. The work consists of roadway pavement reclamation, watermain, storm sewer utility, and retaining wall installation. Upon completion of the utility and retaining wall installation, the crew will begin roadway section construction in the area. Detailed updates will be provided once construction is underway.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to questions about drainage concerns, connection to city water, traffic calming measures and more can be found on the Birch Bluff Road FAQ page.

Project Documents

Birch Bluff Road Scoping Document
Birch Bluff Tree Inventory I
Birch Bluff Tree Inventory II
Draft Construction Plans
Draft Layout
Process Chart

Birch Bluff Street & Utility Improvements Project (One-Pager)
Birch Bluff Road Open House PowerPoint

Project Contact
Andrew Budde, City Engineer, 952.960.7910

Please make sure you are on the email list for the Birch Bluff  project to receive project updates and alerts. Sign up online, or contact City Hall to be added to the list.

8/31/23 - Storm sewer construction complete, boulder wall construction started, roadway excavation next week

8/24/23 - Storm sewer & boulder wall construction wrapping up, roadway excavation to follow as early as next week

8/17/23 - Increased truck traffic to occur next week

8/11/23 - Crews working this Sat, Storm Sewer & Boulder Wall Construction to continue

8/4/23 - Water service installation to continue, boulder wall construction to begin

7/26/23 - Phase 2 boulder wall construction

7/19/23 - Blvd cleanup, watermain installation, boulder wall construction

7/13/2023 - No construction activity scheduled to take place this weekend

7/7/2023 - Phase 1 and Phase 2 tree removals should be completed by today

6/29/2023 - Phase 2 Residents: Please label garbage and set out cans on Tuesdays

6/20/23 - Phase 1 Residents - Please set out garbage cans on Tuesdays

6/14/2023 - Garbage can pickup details for Phase 1 residents

6/7/2023 - Stop Signs have been placed at the intersection of Edgewood Rd and Grant Lorenz Rd

6/1/2023 - Construction staff to begin knocking on doors on a day-to-day basis re parking

5/25/23 - Eureka Road Intersection Closure & Temporary Water Outage on Friday, May 26

5/19/2023 - General Schedule Details May 23 to June 2

5/10/2023 - ALL residents are asked to label their garbage, yard waste, and recycling containers.








4/6/2023 - Public Information Open House

2/28/2022 - City Council Meeting

2/23/2022 - Tree Inventory Begins