Birch Bluff Road

Birch Bluff Road is scheduled for reconstruction in 2023. Public meetings will take place before final plans are made. 

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Update 5/17/2022

Thank you to everyone who has provided comments or questions since the Birch Bluff Road open house in April.  This information for proposed storm sewer, watermain, and overall construction limits is still conceptual but should provide a better understanding of the overall project impacts.  The tree inventory is also complete.  This can be used for identifying the trees with tags in your yard.  The final tree impacts and removals will be determined during the final design process and in discussion with adjacent property owners with the goal to preserve healthy trees during the project.  A FAQ section has also been updated on the website.

Please provide any additional comments you may have associated to the project prior to Tuesday, June 7 at 5:00 p.m.  All comments received prior to this time through the website, email, mail, or phone to City Engineer Andrew Budde will be included in the council packet for the June 13 council meeting for the council’s consideration.  At the June 13 council meeting, staff will request approval of the final scoping document and authorization to prepare final plans & specifications.  The final scoping document will be made available at city hall and on this page approximately one week prior to the June 13 council meeting. 

The following items are planned to be recommended by the City Engineer to the City Council for their consideration and approval. 


  1. Street width of 26 feet wide with vertical face concrete curb & gutter (B618).  This width is generally the same as adding curb & gutter onto the existing bituminous. Birch Bluff Road will continue to function as a through street and will adhere to the State Fire Code and allows for on-street parking which will slow vehicle speeds. The impacts of a 24 foot wide roadway were evaluated and would save an estimated 24 out of 229 trees, $27,000 in construction costs, and would not allow for on-street parking.  Most on-street parking along Birch Bluff Rd currently pulls the tires off of the existing pavement by about 2 feet and is therefore already utilizing a 26-foot to 28-foot roadway footprint. 
  2. On-street parking allowed on the south side of Birch Bluff Road.
  3. Speed limit to remain 25 mph.
  4. Birch Bluff Rd/Grant Lorenz Rd radius to be realigned and lowered to 15 mph design and posted speeds. 
  5. Lee Circle cul-de-sac constructed at the city standard of 90-foot diameter.  The current radius is approximately 55-foot diameter. 
  6. All stop signs are to remain: 3-way stop at Birch Bluff Rd/Eureka Rd, 3-way stop at Birch Bluff Rd/Pleasant Rd, and 1-way stop at Lee Circle/Birch Bluff.


  1. Do not construct the sidewalk and trail on Birch Bluff Rd with this project.  A large majority of the residents do not want a sidewalk or trail with this project. This item was being discussed because it was identified on the city’s sidewalk and trail plan in 2012.
  2. Do not plan to construct a sidewalk/trail as part of the future Eureka Road improvements project slated for 2027. 


  1. Construct an 8-inch watermain under Birch Bluff Road and Lee Circle. 
  2. The four parcels currently served by Tonka Bay watermain are to remain on Tonka Bay water.
  3. Utilize existing fire lanes for storm sewer outlets to Lake Minnetonka.
  4. Pursue ponding and associated drainage and utility easement acquisition at 26045 Birch Bluff Rd.

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