Current and Upcoming Road Construction

This page is for proposed, approved and current road construction projects, and other items for general road work. All drainage and engineering projects can be found on the Engineering/Drainage projects page. If you have questions, please contact the city at 952.960.7906.

Otta Seal on Wiltsey and Enchanted Point
Wiltsey Lane and Enchanted Point gravel services will have an Otta Seal layer sprayed onto the surface to reduce dust. The process is two-part, with an initial seal sprayed on day one and an additional seal sprayed a day or two later. Access to driveways is only restricted when the spray is taking place behind the driveway, and drivers can drive on the surface following the sealing.  The Otta Seal process will take place the week of September 12.

Please contact city hall if you have questions, 952.960.7900. 

Highway 7 safety study

MnDOT studied Hwy 7 between Hwy 100 in St. Louis Park and Carver Co. Rd. 33 in Hollywood. This is a MnDOT project, but the city will attempt to keep the website up to date on a Highway 7 safety study page as information is provided. 

2022 Mill & Overlay
Mill and overlay is the road construction process where the current road surface is taken up, reground and the material is used to repave the road surface. The process is quick with drivers able to use the road in the same day. The city has a schedule of roads for the summer 2022 mill and overlay. The work will take place in August. If you have questions, please call the city at 952.960.7900.
Council memo May 23, 2022

Project team:
Tom Vidmar – Resident Project Representative and Project Inspection
Mobile: 612-578-2291
Phil Schrupp – Project Manager
Mobile: 612-875-2528

Mill & Overlay 2022 Schedule Update

Wedgewood Drive:
Our contractor is going to be pouring the replacement curb near the intersection of Wedgewood Drive and Mallard Lane. This work may begin as early as Wednesday, July 13th. Please note that if you tend to park on the street, we ask that you park your vehicle away from areas where curb sections have been prepped for replacement.
Remaining schedule items:
Homeowner Impacts:
When the contractor is working on your segment of the project, please be patient for everyone’s safety. We ask that you please follow the directions given by the workers. If you have an invisible fence or irrigation system, please mark them prior to work beginning to reduce the risk of damaging the system. We apologize for the inconvenience that this project will cause and thank you for your cooperation. The intent of the project team is to maintain access to properties throughout the construction; however, at times construction activities may interfere with access to individual properties for a short period of time. With that in mind, the project team will work with individual property owners during times of disruption. Please do not park on the street when construction begins. Additional information will be sent as needed to inform residents of any vital construction activities.
Private Utility Construction:
Centerpoint Energy is currently replacing their existing gas main and service replacements for the affected homes. This work is anticipated to wrap up this week.
2022 Mill and Overlay Construction Project:
PHASE 1: Galpin Lake Road, Restoration items July 2022
Restoration Items Will be taking place in the next few weeks. A schedule update will be provided once the contractor has scheduled a topsoil and seeding restoration crew.
PHASE 2: Silver Lake Trail/Sierra Circle:
Milling, remaining concrete curb, manhole adjustments, and final paving. See above for a detailed schedule.
A Look Ahead:
Week of July 18 & July 25
Covington Road:
Milling Operations, Manhole Adjustments, and Final Paving operations are to take place between Sweetwater Curve and Vine Hill Road. An updated schedule will be provided once confirmed.

The city did look at trying to repave/reconstruct the trail as part of the improvements, but it did not fit within the budget so the trail improvements portion was eliminated from the project. 

Early September 2022
Christmas Lake Rd/Lane/Third Ave/Country Club Rd to Smithtown Rd:
Our contractor will be returning to complete more miscellaneous construction activities in these areas. Further information will be provided when the start date for these locations approaches.
Project name Project dates
Glen Amlee Manitou 2022 final restoration
Grant Street Summer 2022
Shorewood Oaks 2022
Smithtown Ponds 2022
Strawberry Lane, Peach Circle, Strawberry Ct 2023
Birch Bluff Road 2023
Mill Street trail 2023
Galpin Lake Road TBD