Current and Upcoming Road Construction

This page is for proposed, approved and current road construction projects, and other items for general road work. All drainage and engineering projects can be found on the Engineering/Drainage projects page. If you have questions, please contact the city at 952.960.7906.

Birch Bluff Road

The Birch Bluff Road Street & Utility Improvement Project was awarded by the City Council on November 14, 2022. The first step of the construction phase will be tree clearing.  All trees anticipated for removal have been marked with a dot of pink paint at the base of each tree.  If residents have any questions on trees please contact City Engineer, Andrew Budde at 952.960.7900 or  Trees will be marked with a large “X” a few days prior to the actual removal, which is anticipated to start in February. It is anticipated that trees near the power poles will be trimmed for safety in late-January. This trimming work will be done by Asplundh, coordinated by Xcel Energy. The full tree clearing work will be completed shortly following the trimming work. As part of the tree trimming, Asplundh will be trimming tree branches as needed. The tree limbs that are trimmed will be placed and stored within the Right-of-Way until Tree Top Clearing, Inc. comes and completes the tree clearing activities.

Highway 7 Safety Study

MnDOT studied Hwy 7 between Hwy 100 in St. Louis Park and Carver Co. Rd. 33 in Hollywood. This is a MnDOT project, but the city will attempt to keep the website up to date on a Highway 7 safety study page as information is provided. 

Project team:
Tom Vidmar – Resident Project Representative and Project Inspection
Mobile: 612-578-2291
Phil Schrupp – Project Manager
Mobile: 612-875-2528
Project name Project dates
Glen Amlee Manitou 2022 final restoration
Grant Street Summer 2022
Shorewood Oaks 2022
Smithtown Ponds 2022
Strawberry Lane, Peach Circle, Strawberry Ct 2023
Birch Bluff Road 2023
Mill Street trail 2023
Galpin Lake Road TBD