Highway 7 Improvements

Project Overview 
The City of Shorewood is seeking funding from the Legislature for a corridor study of Highway 7 from Minnetonka to St. Bonifacius (HF 2489 and SF 2333).  Such a study would identify safety, access and other important transportation improvements along the highway for incorporation into future project.  Additional funding is requested to support a corridor coalition comprised of cities and other stakeholders along this section of Highway 7 (HF 2490 and SF 2332). 

Summary of Work
  • Conduct a traffic safety investigation
  • Evaluate intersections and other safety aspects
  • Produce a draft report and present the key audit findings
  • Propose potential updates to improve safety
  • Public engagement and outreach throughout the study

Project Links
MnDOT Highway 7 safety study project page
Highway 7 Road Safety Audit - 2022

Project Contact

This is a MnDOT project. 
Learn more and offer comments on the corridor on the MnDOT Hwy 7 project page.

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5/24/2023 - Transportation Bill Includes Funding for Hwy 7 Corridor Study

3/22/2023 - City of Shorewood testifies in support of HF 2361

8/22/2022 - MnDOT presents Highway 7 traffic safety study to Shorewood City Council

6/25/2021 - Shorewood reaches out to MnDOT following fatal Highway 7 crash