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Shorewood provides licenses and permits as directed in the City Code. Licenses are issued by the city clerk. Fees are established by the city council and are updated each year in the master fee schedule.

Utility bill payment

To pay for city utilities by credit card or using a checking account routing number you must know your account number.  If you do not have a bill with your account number, call the city at 952.960.7900 for your account number. Once you set up an online payment account with a user name and password, your account number is saved and you have real-time access to your utility bill.

Utility bills can be set up for a one-time payment or for automatic payment. Automatic payments are billed online and the payment is charged to your account on the due date. There are currently no fees for online payment by credit card or checking account.

Read your utility bill

Use only for utility payments.
utility payment