Snow Plow Tips for Residents

Here is what you can do to help the snow plowing season go smoothly:

  • Please remove hockey nets, basketball hoops, and other items from the road
  • Please refrain from putting garbage cans directly on the curb line
  • Do not throw or push snow into the roadway or cul-de-sac
  • Refrain from parking on city roadways during a snow event
  • Keep a safe distance when following or coming up to a stopped plow truck; the truck may be in the process of clearing an intersection; which only takes a very short time - please be patient
  • Please do not let your children build snow forts in the snow piles in the cul-de-sacs or near the roads.  This can be VERY DANGEROUS - as snow plow drivers may not be able to tell when children are present or if a snow pile is actually a snow fort!!