Metropolitan Council is responding to spill in Excelsior

The Metropolitan Council, operator of the regional wastewater collection and treatment system, responded Monday morning, May 22, to an interceptor sewer line break and resulting wastewater spill in Excelsior. The spill was in the northeast corner of Highway 7 and Oak Street, approximately 80 feet to the north of this intersection.

Crews from the Metropolitan Council’s Environmental Services division arrived onsite with flow management equipment to contain the spill the morning of May 22. By the afternoon, contractors had repaired the broken line. Fencing is being placed to keep children from the nearby Excelsior Elementary school from entering the work area.

Water quality crews tested nearby bodies of water and have installed signage warning the public “Do Not Enter Water/Contains Raw Sewage/No Fishing/No Swimming” around affected areas. A minimal amount of wastewater was detected in the northeast bay of Galpin Lake, between Elm Place and Galpin Lake Road.

An update will be provided when we know more about the extent of the spill. If you have questions, please contact our General Inquiries line at Metropolitan Council Environmental Services at or 651-602-1269.