Sanitary jetting to begin Aug 14

City of Shorewood Public Works will start sanitary jetting the area west of County Road 19 for annual cleaning, starting August 14th. This should take crews 3 to 4 weeks to complete.  

Please keep toilet covers down during this process. Toilets may “burp” because of a vacuum pressure. These are few and far between, but can happen. Crew will open manholes along the lines that we are cleaning to help prevent this, but it doesn’t work every time.

There may be some noise coming from your sanitary pipes/drain. This is normal and indicates the cleaning process is happening in your area.

A large truck will be parked in the middle of the roadway during this process. We have manholes open in the roadway(s) as well, marked by a cone.  Please proceed with caution if you see crews in your driving route.

Questions or concerns? Contact City Hall at 952-960-7900 or