Shorewood now in Drought Warning Response Phase - Expanded Watering Restrictions to odd/even days

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has moved Shorewood and the Mississippi Headwater watershed into a drought warning response phase due to prolonged dry weather. Droughts have a negative effect on ground water supplies and lake and stream levels.  

During the drought warning phase, the Minnesota Statewide Drought Plan specifies that public water suppliers implement water use reduction actions with a goal of reducing water use to 50% above January levels.

Effective immediately, the City of Shorewood has expanded the regular water conservation measures to the following:  

  • Residents are allowed to irrigate on odd or even days. Even address can only water on even-numbered days, odd addresses can only water on odd-numbered days. 
  • Residents are allowed to irrigate before 10:00 am and after 5:00 pm.
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