Tree Removals 10/30-11/1

**10/31 Update** The City just received a call from contractor. The tree on Suburban will NOT be removed tomorrow.  Suburban Drive will NOT be closed tomorrow.
Contractors will be removing trees in Shorewood today (10/30) and Wednesday (11/1)

Tree(s) being removed 10/30 will be in the area(s) as follows:
  • Muirfield and Old Market - Removing a dead tree on the west side of Old Market.
  • Manor Road and Vine Street - Removing dead tree at the intersection. 
  • Eureka North and Wild Rose - Removing two boxelders that are in the ROW  

The tree removals taking place today (10/30) should have minimum traffic impact.  No road closures and maybe down to one lane for a very short period of time.  

The tree being removed on Wednesday 11/1, will be on Suburban Drive and this ROAD WILL BE CLOSED for the duration of this project.  Crews are expected to arrive on scene around 9 am with hopes of getting it done by 3 pm.  The road will be closed from Rustic Way to Idlewild Path.  

Questions? Contact City Hall at 952.960.7900